12 Minute Affiliate System

12 Minute Affiliate System Review – Scam or Legit?

I wrote this 12-minute affiliate system review to help you decide whether or not it’s true for you? Is there a much better option for you to seriously consider? Let me show you what the 12-minute affiliate system is really all about and then show you what the most legit alternative is you may want to consider instead.

Name: 12 Minute Affiliate System

Website: http://12minutesaffiliatesystem.com/

Price: $9.95 for the first 14 days, $47 month/$97 year thereafter + upsells

Owners: Devon Brown & David Sloan

Overall Ranking Score: 5/10

12 Minute Affiliate System

12 Minute Affiliate System Review

It is not a secret that marketing plays a giant role in every company, and using the right marketing tools will always help you increase your sales and insights. There are several marketing strategy types, and one of the most popular options is affiliate marketing. It is an advertising model in which the company pays third-party publishers to generate traffic in the company’s social media sites and to lead to the product or service which the company presents.

This is a prepared system that assists you in having success in affiliate marketing. Literally, it uses some fixed platforms like ClickBank and AWeber. You have to register, load the autoresponder templates, choose the already prepared funnels, and link your ClickBank and AWeber accounts. This is all you have to do before you start using it, and all these steps will take from you 12 minutes, now you can use your funnel, and you’re ready to collect subscribers. You will always know what to do as the system provides you with a detailed step-by-step guide. The rest is automated and is the responsibility of the 12 Minute Affiliate System.

12 Minute Affiliate uses products only from ClickBank. But how would you know that the products they are promoting are legit unless you buy them first? So, of course, this will cost you even more money as you build your online business. Are you okay with this? | Let’s looks a little deeper to see if the 12-minute affiliate system is really for you or not?

Pros & Cons of 12 Minute Affiliate


  • Easy to use and perfect for newbies – as already mentioned, the registering process will take you only 12 minutes. The rest is being done automatically, which means you link your accounts and click OK. So this kind of system is really a find for every intermediate marketer.
  • Immediately collecting a huge list of subscribers – after you complete the needed steps, it is starting to collect a big email list of subscribers due to the automatized system.
  • Training opportunity – except the instructions guides and dozens of ready email templates, 12 Minute Affiliate System offer its users training, which is open for any questions. Due to the training, you will learn the sense of affiliate marketing and obtain a lot of useful knowledge which you’ll need in the future. You also get video instructions on how to sign up and other important steps.
  • You don’t need a website or a hosting plan. They use landing pages, and hosting is included.
  • They offer a Facebook support group. Get answers to your questions and support when you need it right away from your fellow 12 Minute Affiliate System members.


  • No traffic equals no success – in this system, traffic is the leading point, which you have to keep to see effective results. This service is outsourced and can be expensive compared to other solo ad vendors.
  • Organic traffic is the best way to attract real paying customers who are interested in buying your products. 12-minute affiliate offers only paid traffic which does not guarantee you will attract buying customers as you have no idea who they are promoting to. You are basically buying clicks and not opt-ins, so you really don’t know who will sign up to your e-mail list when they get there.
  • Because 12-minute affiliate is a done-for-you system, if they were ever to disappear or close, your online business will close too.
  • The disclaimer at the bottom of their sales page says they do not guarantee you’ll earn money with their product. So, basically, you will have to put in more effort than 12 minutes to really start making money.
  • This may be a legit system for sure, but I wouldn’t believe you can be successful and make money in only 12 minutes.
  • You must pay for an autoresponder to collect e-mails. They use Aweber, which starts at $19/month for your first 500 subscribers. Aweber also offers a 30-day free trial you can utilize with your $9.95 for a 14 day trial with the 12-minute affiliate system and see if you like it.
  • They don’t teach you how to build a website to build your own successful marketing business online as this one does. Having your own website is truly the best way to build a legit marketing business online that can last a lifetime. This way, you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. Owning your own website is a huge asset to an online business. You can promote anything you want because you own it and are in 100% control.

12 Minute Affiliate System Tools & Training

  • 10 sets of ready sales funnels – for sending emails to your subscribers, you need to use funnel templates to use which one you want and how much you want. They all look like typical sales funnel templates that many different marketers use.
  • Quickstart Checklist – this is specially cultivated to set up and start creating your first products’ or services’ sales funnels campaigns.
  • DFY Funnels are effective funnels that have more success than others, this can be more difficult for a beginner, but this is worth it. You get ready to create email opt-in pages and easily add them to your affiliate link.
  • DFY Emails – generally, your selected funnels always connect to your email tool called an autoresponder. When someone types their emails in the form, they are automatically added to your email list. So you can periodically send them emails about your products, sales, or other interesting things.

12 Minute Affiliate System Support

  • 24/7 friendly and supportive treatment to each user. Whenever you want, you can send a support message and get an immediate answer to it. But before you ask, you can search for the answer to your question in the FAQ section.
  • Another advantage that approves the system’s supportiveness is a 60-day money-back guarantee. Let’s agree we all want to spend every coin worthily, and this is a great plus for everyone. If you’re not glad for your results or do not notice a success, you can cancel your account. Just send a support ticket with a request to cancel your account and an important fact, send it by the next billing date, and it will be deleted.
  • Facebook Community so you can ask other 12-minute affiliates questions any time of the day.

12 Minute Affiliate System Pricing

The system offers two types of memberships to its customers;

1.Basic – you pay $47 per month or $397 per year to promote one niche only of your choice;

  • Health
  • Wealth – Make Money Online (MMO)
  • Personal Development

This membership gives you three niches, among which you have to choose one and continue your affiliate marketing with the products of the chosen niche from ClickBank.

2. Gold – you pay $97 per month or $797 per year

This gives you access to all three niches, and you can promote your products related to three different niches: Health, Make Money Online(MMO), and Personal Development.

If you are unsure what membership to choose, you can have a trial period and pay $9.95 for the first 14 days to understand if you want to continue using the system. There are several extra options, which also need to be paid:

Done-for-you Setup – $67, this is for people who want their accounts been set up automatically.

3X Your results blueprint – $39, additional training to learn more how to improve your business.

Final Opinion of 12 Minute Affiliate System

No negative reviews are claiming that it’s a scam. So, If you are new to the marketing sphere and want to promote your product or service, this type of program is a perfect match for you. You will learn more about affiliate marketing, how a sales funnel work, how an email integration work, what is a traffic service or solo ad traffic, so yes totally recommended to new business people if you don’t mind putting all your eggs in one basket!

If you’re unsure about the program, you can choose a 14-day trial period for only $9.95 to figure out if this is worth purchasing. 


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12 Minute Affiliate System

$9.95 for the first 14 days, $47/month, $97/year



Customer Support





  • Easy to use system
  • Automatically collects email subscribers for you
  • No Website or Hosting required


  • Traffic sent to you may not be the right kind of "BUYERS"
  • No Website means if the 12 minute affilate system goes down for any reason, then your business suffers
  • No Website Training

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