Ways To Avoid Work At Home Scams Online – My Personal Attack

There are just so many online scams EVERYWHERE on the Internet these days. Promising you to get rich fast scams, make money in just a couple hours scams, click the link and make money right now scams.

How can you avoid being scammed? I have listed the 5 Ways to avoid work at home scams online! Plus, I’ll explain my own personal scamming experience at the end.

  • 5 Legit Ways To Avoid These Scams
  • What Scamming Companies Will Try To Do
  • How I Almost Fell Victim To A Scam
  • My Solution

5 Legit Ways To Avoid These Scams

1. Research – Make sure you do your research for the job or company you’re even considering before you make any final decisions. Google words like scam, complaints, and reviews. Do a thorough investigation to get ALL the information you possibly can before deciding to proceed. Check their contact and career information posted on their website. If there is no website for the service then it’s definitely a RED FLAG.

2. Check Scam Lists – Check with Organizations like your local Consumer Protection Agency, the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission to see if the company has ever been reported as a “scam”.

3. Check Company’s References You are more than allowed to check for Companies references just as much as they are allowed to check for your references. Ask them for references and if they do not provide you with names, phone numbers, or email information then consider that to be a RED FLAG. If they do have references, check them to be sure they are legit.

4. Check The URL – The internet was first made with an HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) for web addresses and only used for a free exchange of information between academia and the government. Commercial activity was illegal at the time. Any communication done threw HTTP is sent in plain text and can be stolen or manipulated. So for added security, SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) was developed by TLS (Transport Layer Security). Both referred to as SSL. Therefore, having HTTP + TLS = HTTPS to protect communication from being intercepted or read by anyone but you and the website you are connected to. Therefore never trust an HTTP website with your personal information.

5. Check The Padlock Icon – If you see the HTTPS and also a Padlock icon located in the URL address then you can be sure the site is secure and that you are communicating privately with this website. When a website is using a specific type of SSL Certification, the address bar will show Green. This Certification allows the website to assure their identity and prove they are identified by the real world and is a legally incorporated company.

What Scamming Companies Will Also Try To Do: 

  • Ask For Money – If the Company is asking you for money right away then it’s definitely a SCAM. Companies that are truly legit will never ask for money upfront.
  • Ask For Your Banking Information – Legit Companies don’t ask for your personal banking information, especially right away!
  • Write Unprofessional Emails or Messages – If you see a lot of mistakes in their emails or messages. Example below:
  1. Spelling Mistakes: Proper English should be used.
  2. Grammar Mistakes: Using appropriate sentences.
  3. Punctuation Mistakes: Commas, periods and appropriate spaces.
  4. Capitalization Mistakes: Not using capitals when appropriate especially in names of people and titles.
  • Say You Don’t Need Experience – So If they say no experience necessary for the job you are interested in and that you don’t have to have any particular skills, then I would mark this as another RED FLAG!
  • Show Undisclosed Ads For Government Jobs – All Government and Federal jobs are listed for free to the public. So don’t believe them when they say they have an “undisclosed” job details for just you.
  • Request an Interview Online Using an Automatic Messaging Service – If there’s no REAL person that can talk on the phone with you that is a RED FLAG!  Usually, this “fake” person will also require you to give your personal contact information like your banking information, credit card number, or social security number, so never give it out!
  •  “Pop In” Your Social Media Account – They leave private messages offering to make you thousands of dollars right away. They usually ask for your credit card number and make promises to you that if you invest in their services you will make a lot of money. There is just no way that will happen so definitely a HUGE RED FLAG!

How I Almost Fell Victim

I received a following on Instagram and a DM (Direct Message) from someone that invests in bitcoins. They promised to make me hundreds of dollars with just one cash investment but the amount I’d make depended on how much I was willing to spend upfront. They wanted to know how much I was willing to invest and in return, they calculated the amount which was about a 500% return.

Of course, I was skeptical so I decided to investigate further…

Their profile showed a very beautiful girl with “thousands” of followers and multiple likes and comments. Comments like “thank you for helping me get out of debt”, “you are awesome”,  and on and on and on.  They had so many positive replies and comments about their services, I actually thought maybe they could be a service I can trust!

But then, THE RED ALERT!

It was a SCAM for sure because almost every single DM (direct message) they sent to me had tons of grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, when I questioned them about anything, they didn’t like that. I starting receiving very rude comments from them like… “I’m a really busy person and you’re wasting my time so let’s do this right now!” and “you look so kind in your profile picture so why are you being so rude?”


I decided to be kind and messaged them back that I am not interested in their services.


They kept harassing so I reported them directly to Instagram as a scam site.

We all want to make money and probably a good amount of it when we can! Unfortunately, when desperate times comes for desperate measures, we can fall for these scams.

This is why there are so many scams crawling all over the internet.

Most people want to see results right away but the truth is… “real money” is always earned and to earn a lot of it, takes time and effort!

My Solution!

If you are willing to put in ‘good effort’ to make ‘good money’ and are willing be patient along the way, I have the perfect solution for you… the Wealthy Affiliate Program I am currently enrolled in can help you in time make good money! And, I assure you it’s NOT a scam. You will have tons of community support there and never have to feel alone or lost when building your business.

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They offer 2 FREE websites you can build your business on for “everyone” that sign up! For both FREE or PAID members!

This is truly a valued company I believe in and you can too. That is why they offer a FREE starter membership so you get to “try before you buy!”


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Start making your Dreams a Reality!

My Final Advice For You

Research is KEY and that’s why I chose it to be number one on my list. If the company is definitely legit, all their contact information will be listed and very easy to find. If you can’t find anything, then definitely move on and consider it to be a true scam. IF YOU DO find information, make sure you call, ask questions, and never give any of your personal information to anyone either online, by email, or by phone. It’s not safe and you don’t want to lose money just because they promise you that you will make money. Company’s that are truly legit, don’t make promises. It takes time, dedication and a lot of work on your part to earn money. We earn a living and if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

If you have ever been scammed or almost scammed please share your story below. Or if you have any other comments and advice you would like to share with others that would be awesome too! As we can all learn from each other:)

Best Regards,


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