Etsy Reviews For Sellers

Etsy Reviews For Sellers

Are you a very creative or crafty person and would like to work from home and earn money while doing what you love to do most? Where more than 33 million buyers from around the world spend more than 3 billion dollars on the Etsy platform every year? If so, my Etsy Reviews For Sellers will really help you determine if it’s the right platform for you to sell on! Will you really make money selling your homemade or vintage items on Esty?

Etsy Logo

Etsy Reviews For Sellers

Name: Etsy


Pricing Fees:

  • Listing Fee – 0.20 cents to publish a listing
  • Transaction Fee – 5%
  • Payment Processing Fee – 3% + $0.25 of the sale price of each listing

Owner/CEO – Josh Silverman, Headquarters located in Brooklyn NY, USA

Overall Ranking: 7.5/10

Etsy Overview

Etsy Reviews For SellersEtsy is an e-commerce website providing a professional Seller Community of Entrepreneurs worldwide with a secure and safe platform to grow their businesses on.

Items can be either homemade or non-homemade as long as you design them, and vintage items listed must be at least 20 years and over.

If you really enjoy painting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, woodworking, or are very crafty in any way, shape, or form, then Etsy might be the best platform choice for you to consider selling your products seriously.

The best thing about Etsy is that you have access to a massive global market (millions of customers), therefore an optimal opportunity for you to earn a whole lot of money working from home.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, Etsy is straightforward to sign up and open a seller account.

If you prefer, they even process online payments for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Sellers do, however, have to properly package and mail their own products out to the buyer. Plus, handle returns and directly communicate with them (on the Etsy site) concerning product details, questions, or concerns they may have.

If Sellers have production partner(s) who contribute to the making process of the product, they MUST include all the details of the person(s) involved in their About section.

Sellers’ reselling products that are not made or designed are absolutely prohibited in the home-made category, and Sellers will be flagged.

Etsy Selling Platform

Pros & Cons Of Selling On Etsy


PRO #1 – No screening process, so anyone is welcome to sell their products on the Etsy platform.  Just open up a seller account here, and they will help you set up the rest.

PRO #2 – Allows Sellers to create their own return policies.

PRO #3 – Access to a Global Market of millions of buyers is, therefore, a good possibility to excel in this business and earn a lot of money.

PRO #4 – Sellers can build up an excellent reputation using the star rating system. You can really make a lot more money if your product exceeds customer’s expectations just by receiving great star reviews from buyers.

PRO #5 – There is a secure payment system provided through the Etsy platform.

PRO #6 – Opportunity to build a great buyer/seller relationship to increase future sales.

PRO #7 – Set your own payment schedules. Weekly if you choose.


CON #1 – If there were any problems with the products, Sellers have to take care of returns which could become costly.

CON #2 – You may have to deal with an angry customer if they’re not satisfied.

CON #3 – You may not make a ton of money at first. Products should be sold cheaper than your competition when you’re first starting an online Etsy business until you build up a good star rating.

Who is Etsy Selling For?

  • Artists
  • Painters
  • Sewers
  • Knitters
  • Woodworkers
  • Designers
  • Crafty People
  • Anyone who can create a cool, unique homemade item
  • Anyone who wants to sell items over 20 years old

Etsy Tools & Training

Tools provided at Etsy will allow Sellers to spend more time on their shop and less on the managing stuff.

1. Etsy Managing:

  • Manage your business anywhere – Sell on Etsy to manage orders, edit listings and respond to buyers instantly from anywhere in the world.
  • Save Big On Shipping – Buy and print discounted postage for your orders in seconds right from your Etsy Account.
  • Create your own Website in minutes – Design a custom website.

2. Build Your Brand

  • Grow a Following – by crafting the perfect posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.
  • Boost your availability with ads – Reach millions of shoppers on the Etsy platform with easy-to-use advertising.
  • Attract New Customers – Create a sale or coupon and directly send it to shoppers inboxes with a targeted offer.

3. Choose Your Own Path To Success – Standard or Plus Plans

1. Etsy Standard Plan – This is everything needed to start your business at no additional monthly cost.

2. Etsy Plus Plan – For $10 per month, Etsy provides an additional set of tools to help jump-start the growth of your brand.

Etsy’s Plus Plan Includes:

  • Customizable Options – New Banner templates and featured listing options that put your product into the spotlight.
  • The ability to e-mail customers when your product has been restocked, so you don’t lose sales.
  • A 50% discount on a address or get an address free for 1 year.
  • 15 listing credits and $5 in credit to advertise your items with Etsy Ads every month.

Etsy Support

  • e-mail or request a phone call regarding any questions.
  • Learn the best tips for success using Etsy’s Seller handbook.
  • Read Etsy’s success newsletter for tips to improve your shop delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Get advice and ask questions inside Etsy’s Community forum and teams.

Etsy Pricing

  • Listing Fee – .20 USD cents per listing, and listings are active for 4 months or until they sell.

After an item is sold, there are 2 more fees:

  • Transaction Fee – 5%
  • Payment Processing Fee – 3% + $0.25

All payments are done on their secure, SSL-encrypted platform and have security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

How Do Sellers Pay Etsy?

  • Shop owners are sent a bill at the end of every month regarding how much money they owe, and they have until the 15th day of the following month to pay it.

How Do Sellers Get Paid From Etsy?

  • Money from sales is deposited directly into the Seller’s direct bank account in their Country’s currency no matter how or where the buyer pays.
  • Sellers can set their own payment schedule. Most choose to get paid weekly. So, for example, money is sent to your bank every Monday by Etsy, and then it typically takes up to 2 to 3 days for the money to be available to you.

Etsy Selling and Buying Platform

 My Final Opinion!

I have never been a Seller on Etsy, but I do have a friend that does very well selling her creative, homemade personalized items there.  I am, however, an active Etsy buyer and have always liked everything I purchased from the website.

I wrote this review to encourage more women to start their own home-based business. If you have any creative talent or know something you can create, try selling it on Etsy. You may be quite pleasantly surprised at how well you can do there.

I am not a creative person or know of anything I can make to sell on Etsy. This is why I chose the Affiliate Marketing route instead.

If you ever desired to learn how to make money online.

Check out my #1 recommendation here where I got started.

I’m thrilled with the training I am receiving. You will not make tons of money overnight. But I know for sure that I will be making passive income online within a year or so that will last a lifetime!

You will get all the help you need to design and create a website to grow your Etsy business. They offer a FREE Starter Membership Course that you can keep forever or go. You can choose Premium for only $1 per day and learn everything there is to know about growing a business online.

Verdict: Legit or Not Legit

Etsy is legit. Etsy has been around since 2005 and has been doing very well and growing every day. There are more than 33 billion buyers worldwide shopping on Etsy, and you can really grow an online business there.

Have you ever bought anything from Etsy and either liked or disliked their products?

Etsy Review

0.20 cents listing fee+ 5% transaction fee + 3.25% of each listing








  • Anyone can sign up.
  • Secure payment system.
  • Opportunity to sell products to a large fan base.


  • Esty sellers handle own returns.
  • Esty sellers deal with own customer questions and support.
  • Can take time to make money.

4 thoughts on “Etsy Reviews For Sellers”

  1. My brother and sister-in-law sell on Etsy. They sell a number of different type of items. They sell items that make from scratch. They, also, sell items that they have re purposed such as a mail box that has been turned into something that can store items in the bathroom. My sister-in-law is very good at using creativity to create or re-purpose things to sell great on Etsy. Money can be made on that website.

    • Hi Lee, thank you! 

      It’s great to know that your sister-in-law is doing very well selling on Etsy! Good for her! I would definitely sell items on there too If I had any creative talent, but I don’t! 

      Thank goodness for other opportunities to become an Entrepreneur as well, like Affiliate Marketing!



  2. Thank you so much for providing valuable information about Etsy. This is an awesome article. This article is a interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about Etsy. I and my friend sell on Etsy. we sell a number of different types of items, such as painting, sewing, crocheting, knitting, wood-working. By selling these products we are making a good income and changing our lives.I think we’ve got the best platform to make money and I hope other people can make a good income from here. It is the best way to form income.It has millions of customers and very easy to create an account, very easy to income and a very easy online payment process.We work here for the benefit of the opportunity and I think that it is very easy for a person to earn income and change his life through income.I thank you again for writing such a wonderful article.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed my article! 

      That’s so great to know you and your friend are doing very well selling products on Etsy. There are many sources we can use to build an income and even work from home. Having an Etsy account and also building a website along with it can build even more financial freedom by reaching out to more buyers.

      Cheers to your Etsy business and your online business too!



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