How To Create A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds

How To Create A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds – Video Proof!

Learning how to create a WordPress website can be very difficult on your own. Fortunately, there is excellent step-by-step video training available for you right here, and you can even start for completely free! Follow along and see how easy it really can be.

How To Create A WordPress Website? is owned by a company called Automattic. It is a blogging platform that provides free blog hosting for registered users and is financially supported by paid upgrades, “VIP” services, and advertising. WordPress provides the best and most comprehensive ways to build an online business because it offers many themes and plug-ins.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a high-speed loading WordPress website hosting service. It’s also an amazing online education platform that integrates with WordPress to provide the best user experience necessary to build a very efficient fast loading website. They offer both paid and free website services. You choose which one works best for you.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can choose to build a website on a domain you own or choose to build a website using for free.  Anyone, both free and paid members, can build 2 FREE fast-hosting websites using  They provide you with fast hosting websites, but a wide variety of tools and training help make your online business successful on the web.

Even better, there is a community of over 2 million entrepreneurs to engage with, ask questions and share experiences so you can learn how to grow a successful online business from scratch!

Kyle Loudon and Caron Lim are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle is one of the top trainers we get the advantage to learn from, and he provides a step-by-step video walkthrough to show you exactly how you can build a website in under 30 seconds from completely scratch!

You can choose to either build your website on their FREE or choose one of your own that you pay for (one-time fee, under $15).  It’s completely up to you!

I built my website for completely free using, and then after a couple of months (when I knew for sure what domain name I really wanted), I moved it right over to one I now own myself in just a few seconds, super easily.

Watch this video to see how Kyle creates a website in just 30 seconds!

How To Build A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds 

Can Get Traffic?

Yes, there are thousands of people using and getting a lot of traffic! FREE starter members cannot only use to build 2 free websites. PAID Premium members can use as well.

Here is a screenshot from one of our Wealthy Affiliate Members getting over 400 visitors per day with their website!

 Who Is best for?

Siterubix is powered by, which provides you with all the training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something precious.

  • Perfect for beginners who don’t know if the domain name is one they want to keep forever!
  • Perfect to learn how to start a business from scratch for FREE without losing any money at all!
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to create training in the making money online niche to share how to do things with your followers.
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to do affiliate marketing and doesn’t know where to start.
  • Perfect for anyone looking for free training, support, and tools on how to build a WordPress website.

Why Wealthy Affiliate For WordPress?

Turn your passion into a thriving business

Never stop learning with Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE starter membership course. This includes the first 10 lessons on building a successful online business from scratch that you can keep forever! Including 2 FREE WordPress websites without ever having to pay a penny! Even for life if you choose!

This allows you to take your time to build up your website for search engines. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to rank high in Google, Bing, and yahoo so that you get more traffic to your WordPress website and make money online.

They even offer FREE 7 DAY FULL ACCESS to everything inside their platform to learn everything there is to know about how to build an online business from scratch! After the 7 days, if you decide you want to continue full access to all the premium training, you will receive a 59% discount to stay for the first month or choose to pay yearly for only $1 per day.

Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop-shop training program for everything you need to learn how to grow a WordPress website business online. They have an incredible support system.

Get a response when you need it right away!

No other hosting program will give you a fast hosting WordPress website to build a very successful business online other than Wealthy Affiliate!

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment below or e-mail me at


Feel Free to check out My Wealthy Affiliate Full Review to learn more about everything they offer!


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