How To Earn Money At Swagbucks

How To Earn Money At Swagbucks? – 11 Great Ways To Make Money!

How To Earn Money At Swagbucks?

If you’re looking to make a little side cash to possibly contribute to helping with some “fun money,” look no further. I will explain 11 great ways to earn money at Swagbucks to help put money back into your wallet today.

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks was launched in 2008 by Prodege under its Co-Founders Scott Dudelson and Josef Gorowitz. Its headquarters is in El Segundo, California.

Swagbucks gets paid for advertising, and Companies pay the users for their earnings. Swagbucks reward members earn points to collect free cash or gift cards for everyday things they already do online, like shop, watch entertaining videos, search the web, etc.

Another bonus to Swagbucks is that they also offer their own inbuilt platform called Swagstakes, which gives away prizes. So instead of redeeming SB for a Reward, you can put in an entry or multiple entries to win a prize. Such as gift cards, iPods, iPads, etc.



Be rewarded the Web's Premiere Rewards Site

How To Earn Money At Swagbucks? – 11 Great Ways!

Members of the Swagbucks program can earn and redeem SB in various ways through the Swagbucks website and mobile apps. 1 SB is worth 1 U.S cent, which doesn’t seem like much, but it can add up very quickly. As 1 SB may be worth even more when used for certain rewards and deals offered inside the Swagbucks platform. You will see how this is so as you read on.

Earn Cash Back And Points With Swagbucks By Shopping At Your Favorite Retailers

1. Refer A Friend or Family Member and Earn For Life!

Both you and your referral will receive a 300 SB Bonus; when your referral earns 300SB within their first 30 days + you will receive an extra 10% of their SB earnings for the life of their account.

It’s super easy to invite anyone to use Swagbucks. All you have to do is share your personal referral link (they give you when you sign up) either by e-mail your friends and family or share it to even more people just by copying and pasting it to your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr pages.

You can find your personal referral link under the refer & earn button at the top of your profile page. If anyone clicks on your personal referral link and joins Swagbucks, you will earn even more SB.

How To Share Your Personal Referral Link:

  • Click Refer & Earn at the top right of your profile page.

Refer & Earn Swagbucks Button

2. Email your friends and family to share how they can start earning and saving!

How To E-Mail Friends and Family A Referral To Join Swagbucks And Earn Points

  •  Copy your referral link and paste it to your social media accounts.

How To Get Copy Of Referral Link At Swagbucks To Share

2. Add the SwagButton Extension and receive a 50SB Bonus – This way, you will never miss out on a cash-back opportunity with the SwagButton. Notifications will notify you right away when you’re on a site with Sales, Coupons, and Cash Back Offers.

Swagbuck Members

2. Search The Web Like Usual

This is probably one of the easiest ways to earn Swagbuck points by searching the web like we always do every day anyway. Swagbucks has its own Yahoo search toolbar located at the very top of their site. You type in anything you want to look upon the internet like usual and start earning points right away just for looking up anything.

Search The Web At Swagbucks To Earn Points

3. Answer Surveys 

If you are feeling bored or waiting for time to pass, take part in an easy survey. You can view how long each survey will take and how many Swagbucks you will earn before you even start.

Answer Surveys To Earn Points At Swagbucks

4. Watch Entertaining Videos

Again, this is a great way to earn extra Swagbucks if you are bored:)

Watch Entertaining Videos To Earn Points At Swagbucks

5. Play Games

If you enjoy playing games, give one of these a try and make some extra SB just for having fun in your spare time!

Play Games To Earn Points At Swagbucks

6. Buy Gift Cards 

Do you ever buy gift cards? I don’t know of any store that gives a discount for buying Gift Cards. Maybe next time you need one check out Swagbucks first! The one you may be looking for may be on a sale, plus you will also get SB too for purchasing it on their site. Buy Gift Cards At Swagbucks

7. Shop Online Like Usual 

Shop at over 1500 popular retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, etc. Earn SB points for every dollar spent and get access to exclusive deals & coupons to your favorite retailers.
Shop Online With Swagbucks

8. Discover Deals

Always check their deals section to see how you can earn double the SB points and more awesome deals on travel.
Swagbucks Discover Deals

9. Get Coupons & Cash Back Offers!

  • Check out Amazon’s featured offers for exclusive deals on joining Amazon Prime, Baby Registry, and Amazon Student Free Trial.
  • Deals at events located right in your local area, such as Basketball Games, Disney On Ice, Groupon deals, etc.
  • Featured Coupons will be listed for particular stores like Nike and Clearly etc.
  • Get Discounts from Expedia, Indigo,, Walmart, etc.

10. Travel 

Save and earn SB on Hotels, Flights, Restaurants, and Car Rentals!
Swagbucks Cash Back For Travel

11. Check For Featured Deals – Earn Thousands of More Points + Extra Bonuses

  • Next time you want to apply for a Major Credit Card from Scotiabank or Tangerine
  • Order Uber Eats, Doordash, or Chefs Plate
  • Receive 30 days FREE trial from Tidal (over 60 million tracks)

Swagbucks Featured Deals

How Are Swagbucks Paid Out To Members? – 3 Ways

1. Redeem by choosing any Gift Card of your choice

Starting at as low as $1 and up from Amazon, Walmart, Tim Hortons, etc.

Swagbucks even gives you a 12% discount on the first $25 card you redeem each month. Therefore, instead of using 2,500 points for a gift card, you only need 2,200 points.

The Indigo card in this screenshot is an example of a deal they have for that particular retailer. It’s usually 10,000 points for a 10$ card, but it’s discounted at 13% off, so you only have to use 875 points to redeem it.

Swagbucks gift cards

2. Donate To Your Favorite Charity

Swagbucks Donation Choices

3. Get Paid Out As Cash through your personal PayPal account 

  • Your PayPal e-mail must match the same e-mail as your Swagbucks account e-mail.
  • Your first and last name must be an exact match to your PayPal account information, and your PayPal account must be verified.
  • There is a payout threshold of $25 which is equivalent to 2,500 SB points
  • Allow 10 to 14 days for payments to be transferred.

My Opinion!

Swagbucks is completely free to join, and you don’t have to buy anything from there if you choose not to.  However, just playing games, taking short surveys, and just searching the web can be a great way to make a few bucks to help go towards a gift card or some extra cash to help pay for a night out with friends.

Another reason to join is to save on travel expenses. We all know how expensive traveling can be, and just for this reason alone, I’m in!

Be rewarded the Web's Premiere Rewards Site

There you have 11 great ways on how to earn money at Swagbucks. Have you ever heard of Swagbucks?

Are you part of any other program that offers free points, discounts, and offers?

Please share your experience and thoughts in the comment section below.

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