How To Improve SEO For A Website

How To Improve SEO For A Website – Best Ways

How to Improve Seo for a website? Over time, you would have noticed that some sites tend to appear first when specific keywords are put into search engines, while other sites appear last or do not appear at all. This is due to the website’s lack of proper search engine optimization techniques.

How To Improve SEO For A Website

How To Improve SEO For A Website?

SEO helps a website to attract and improve traffic rate, enables the site to appear first more often from search engine results, as a result of which it eventually leads to a high conversion rate.

More so, there are SEO issues that are technical and can lead to the loss of traffic to the site and worsen business growth. Slow website speed, broken links, low-quality images, low standard content, duplicate content, errors in language, missing alt tags, low word count, wrong meta description and title, and several other issues can negatively affect a website.


However, to avoid this technical tragedy, we’ll be highlighting some proven ways to improve search engine optimization (SEO) for a website.

They include:

  • Avoiding Duplicate Content

Duplicate content appears visible on the internet on more than one website address. Every URL should possess unique and specific content; no two web pages should have similar content in them. For example, the same description should not be used on pages for “baby’s shoes” and “baby’s footwear.”

  • Use a web host partner smartly: 

There are some cases in which some search engines won’t be able to find you probably because the website used for your business is down. Thus, it is advisable to invest in a very reliable web hosting service to improve search engine optimization for your website.

To learn more about 2 of the best-rated web hosting services available online, check out my web hosting review here to see which one will work best for you.

  • Write meta tags effectively

Meta tags are used to provide structured data about a page on a website, they are used to specify the description of a page, author’s documents, keywords, and meta-data.

If writing meta tags appears difficult, the PLATINUM SEO PACK enables one to post content and helps in page optimization for search engines. It also helps generate metatags automatically to make sure your content gets seen faster when using search engines.

  • Don’t Stuff Keywords:

If one’s keywords don’t fit within the context of what is contained on the website, the search results of the keywords won’t appear at the top of the search results when the page is being displayed.

Do not include geographic information, phone numbers, and other keyword strings that have no relevance to your post. Relevant keywords can be generated from one’s data when you must have gone through the post or article.

Read more about where to put keywords for SEO in articles so you don’t overstuff them!

  • Create permanent links that are effective

A permalink refers to a website address used as a link in getting to your content. It is a permanent link to blog posts and individual pages.

Research showed that while the number of words in a post title entices a reader to click and read through an article, they do not mind the algorithm your business website ranks. Thus, shorten the permalinks used to preferably six words or less. For example: “12 trending fashion wears for summer” to “trending-fashion-wears-for-summer”.

  • Make use of Word Press Categories

Categories function in grouping contents like a group of topics that are related to one another in a certain way. It groups these contents on the WordPress site. 

Categories on WordPress are a much more convenient way to keep your post organized and into sections to help provide clues for the user and makes it easier for visitors on the site to find posts that are relevant on similar headlines.

  • Publish Quality Content:

This is the first driver of the rankings of your search engine. Quality content has no substitute, and it increases the traffic on the site, thus, improving the relevance and authority of the site. Always identify and effectively target a specific phrase of keywords for the different pages on a website.

Learn how to write and publish quality content at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Always Update Content:

When content is regularly updated, it is usually viewed as an important factor contributing to the site’s relevancy. Therefore, you should update content frequently to improve search engine optimization on the website.

  • Make use of alt tags:

Alternative text tags, known as alt tags, allow search engines to locate a particular page effectively; this is very useful, especially for those who use screen readers or text-only browsers.

  • Have a link-worthy site

It is essential to focus your attention on creating links that are relevant within the text. Phrases that are rich with specific keywords will improve search engine optimization ranking and the page ranking that one is linking to.

Using descriptive links enhances search engine optimization and adds more value to its users, not excluding those suffering from disabilities or individuals using screen readers.

  • Enhance the speed of loading your page: 

If the rate at which your page takes to load is prolonged, search engines will recognize this, and it will have a bad effect on your ranking. Your website visitors will also reduce drastically and won’t return due to the problem with the site.

Meanwhile, if your page loads quite fast, higher traffic will be generated and search engine algorithms will effectively recognize the popularity of your website and improve the ranking. However, when you find out that your site is loading very slowly, check your plugins and website themes or transfer to another new effective host with immediate effect.

  • Optimization of images on your website

Pictures and images are very good for a website but they must be optimized properly to ensure that your website ranks higher during searches.

Factors like image size and format should be considered. Big images can make your page run slowly which can harm your website ranking. Thus, it is crucial to compress or resize the image for SEO optimization.

  • Think Blogging

In this present generation, blogging is very profitable for a website. It has become a revolutionizing tool with which visitors can now be engaged on a website. With the right niche and the right content, blogging helps to improve search engine optimization ranking.

  • Ensure that contents on your site is understandable and readable

When writing content on a website, always put the interest of your audience first. If you desire that more people visit your website, it is important to ensure that you are communicating with your targets and speak in terms that they can easily understand. This goes a long way in tackling the issue of a high bounce rate.

  • Always provide your contact information: 

Your contact information should be written boldly and clearly for readers to find. The bad thing that can happen is for visitors to report your website because your contact information is nowhere to be found. This can negatively affect your search engine optimization ranking.

  • Encourage readers to share your post on social media

Every website is supposed to be very active on social media platforms. Your website’s traffic rate and search engine optimization ranking improve when individuals share the links to your website on different social media platforms.

SEO Conclusion – It’s Absolutely Essential!

Search engine optimization is absolutely essential for the promotion of your website. To ensure that your website stands the test of time, its growth should be your priority. By effectively following the tips above, you stand the chance of having your website appearing first on all search engines.

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  1. What a great post. Great because  some people find the whole SEO concept a little hard to assimilate and understand. It is vital that anyone who wants to build an internet based based does absolutely understand the concept of SEO because this is where fortunes are lost and won.

    You have done a great job of breaking it down and making it understandable for a wide audience 



  2. A year ago, if somebody would have mentioned me SEO I would have said “Whaat?”

    But today I proudly see how much I’ve learned. One of the points I had never heard talking about is write meta tags effectively. I like this kinda simple instructions because I know they have a direct impact in SEO. Thanks!

    • Yes, absolutely! I wouldn’t of known anything about SEO a year ago either and it’s definitely important to write effective meta tags as well. Good for all of us writing online to know about. I’m glad you like my simple instructions on learning more about SEO!

      Thank you so much!



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