How To Search For A Keyword

How To Search For A Keyword – Best Research Tool!

I will explain 5 easy ways you can research great keywords and which one is the #1 best research tool that will provide you with all the information you need to know on how to search for a keyword that ranks high in google, bing and yahoo. If this is what you’re striving for then you will love to know what the best research tool is.

How To Search For A Keyword

1. (using the alphabet soup technique)

2. (for questions and answers related to keywords)

3. (for how-to related to keywords)

4. (for more how-to related keywords)

5. (#1 keyword research tool to find popular results with low competition)

If you can find a keyword that is popular with low competition then you have the best keyword to use. Let me explain the first method and then we will work our way to the final and #1 best keyword tool method to help put all of these into perspective.

1. Google – Alphabet Soup Technique is everyone’s #1 go-to tool for online research. When you type a keyword into the google search toolbar you will notice that as your type in a word/phrase, a list of more “related” keywords pop up right underneath. These keywords/phrases listed are considered to be the “most searched for” words people are typing into google every day to get information on.

Here is an example I typed into Google’s search bar “how to lose belly fat”. As you can see in the screenshot below a list of related keywords to “how to lose belly fat fast”, “how to lose belly fat quickly” and “how to lose belly fat naturally” are also listed right below.

So there you have 3 more popular “related” keywords phrases everyone is searching for in google every day.

From here you can continue with using the alphabet soup technique to get even more keyword ideas by typing in how to lose belly fat “a”…

Then continue by typing in how to lose belly fat “b”…

Then of course how to lose belly fat “c”…

And so on…

This is exactly how to use the Aphabet Soup technique in google. Pretty easy so far? Now let’s go to and search their toolbar to see what the most popular keyword phrases people are searching for there.

2. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo Answers is a community driven question and answer website or a knowledge market from Yahoo that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.”

Yahoo! Answers was replaced by Ask Yahoo and made available on May 14, 2006. Search up to date information people are interested in knowing more about by looking at answers. This is a great tool you can use to find popular keywords.

Here is an example of the keyword “how to lose belly fat for”. You have another list of popular related keywords you can now use.

3. eHow was launched in March 1999 and is an online “how to” guide with many articles and videos offering step-by-step instructions. These are created by freelancers and cover a wide variety of topics. eHow is often considered a “content farm”.

At eHow you can discover a wide range of how-to related articles to get inspiration from.

Topics include:

  • Home Decor & Repair
  • Crafts
  • Food & Drink
  • Garden
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Holidays

Or you can simply type in what you are specifically looking for right in their search bar like so…

4. wikiHow is very similar to eHow but from what I noticed, has more up-to-date information. You can type in what your’e looking for and also get a list of ideas to choose from as popular keywords people are searching for on the internet.

Then you will notice a full list of how to articles related to your keyword:

Now that you have the foundation to find keywords people are searching for everyday online, how do you know how to beat the competition of everyone else writing the same keywords?

5. Jaaxy – #1 Keyword Research Tool!

Jaaxy is a very popular keyword research tool that shows you all the details you need to know about to find the best keywords to rank for in google, bing and yahoo!

Jaaxy was first introduced in 2005 because the owners who owned their own websites needed a better tool to use to find the best keywords to rank high for. They developed jaaxy for this reason and it’s been super popular ever since.

They even have an introduction to Jaaxy for FREE!!

You can try 30 keyword searches for completely free just to see how powerful this keyword research tool really is.

How Jaxxy works…

Simply type in the keyword you are interested in writing an article about into the Jaaxy toolbar like so… I used “how to lose belly fat but not butt” just for fun and these are the results from Jaaxy…

Now you have a list of the top related keywords people are searching for online.

But how do you know which one is best to use?

Look for words/phrases with high search volumes but low competition in Jaaxy like so…

  • QSR must be under 100 if you have a new website. It can be a little higher if you already have a website where your content is already getting indexed in google, bing and yahoo.
  • AVG is the average number people search that exact keyword for per month and this is best at 100 or better.
  • KQI (keyword quality indicator) is GREEN FOR GREAT! If it’s RED then it’s a NO GO! But we don’t have any here for this keyword.
  • Make sure the keyword phrase makes grammatical sense or DO NOT USE IT!

There you have the most important factors to look at in jaaxy to know which keyword will be best suited to rank for.

Which one of these listed above would you consider to be the best suited keyword to use? They are all listed under KQI for GREAT so any of them listed would be good to use however…

Here is what I consider to be the best one(s) and why?

“How to lose belly fat fast for women”

  • QSR is 56 – GREAT! Not a lot of competition for this keyword!
  • AVG is 725 – GREAT! High search volume per month!

“How to lose belly fat for women fast”

  • QSR is 44 – GREAT! Not a lot of competition for this keyword!
  • AVG is 252 – GREAT! High search volume per month


You could use “how to lose belly fat but not butt” as well as it does rank in the search engines, just not very high. But, with the QSR being at 0, you could rank on the number 1 page!  It just may be one to consider!

You decide which one you like best but I would go with the higher search volume as it will be a greater chance of someone clicking on my post/keyword phrase.

Now you know how to search for a keyword give Jaaxy a FREE TRY…

For more information on how to read and understand all about the Jaaxy research tool and pricing,


My  Jaaxy Review Here

Have you used any keyword research tools in the past and found them helpful? Please share any keyword information you may have in the comments below.

Happy keyword searching!


10 thoughts on “How To Search For A Keyword – Best Research Tool!”

  1. Keyword searching is what most people are familiar with. It is what most people do when they search for something in Google or Bing or even a library catalog. Keyword searching is basically entering a few important terms into the search box and allowing the search engine to find all items that contain all of those terms. In a general search engine this will result in millions of results. The problem is that the most relevant item to you may be number 2,800,000 and most people don’t look a past the first 2 pages of results. In the library catalog and its search engine, we use the keywords to get to the most relevant items, but then we will search for similar items using “subject searching”. It is far more precise and produces more relevant items, but I will discuss it in the advanced search techniques page.

    • Yes definitely! Most people don’t look past the first 2 pages. Jaaxy will help people rank higher in the search engines so that we can be more certain that our articles are noticed right away and get more traffic. More traffic means more sales!

      Thanks for the info!


  2. As much as content is very important, keywords too is very important. If there is no proper getting the right keywords, then there is every tendency that the contents would not get ranked well. The processes you have shared in sourcing for keywords are really right on spot and helpful. Thanks so much for sharing this out here. I truly fancy it

  3. I love the word Mompreneur, very descriptive and catchy! Your explanation of Jaaxy and keyword, SEO is very straightforward and easy to digest.  Worth the price of admission for that alone.  This is must stop site for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals of starting an online business.  Definitely going to look for more information and the ease of which you spell out the benefits and future of online marketing and business. Thanks!

    • You’re so welcome Robert! I’m glad you found my article very useful! 

      Jaaxy is a wonderful tool! You are definitely going to enjoy using it!



  4. I am a new Amazon Affiliate which I hope to use Amazon as a means to fund my blog.   I have heard about the use of Keywords to help draw traffic to my site.  Compared to other websites that I have visited; I found your post with simple to follow instructions very refreshing and easy to understand.   Your comparison of how to use different search engines was so extremely helpful that I have bookmarked it for future reference and for sharing with my network.   Of the four tools that you reviewed, is there one that you feel has been most useful in your work?

    • Hi Steve! 

      I’m so glad to know that you found my article very useful and bookmarked it as well! Thank you!

      My favorite tool to use is Google using the alphabet soup technique. I then write down about 5 ideas and then head over to my Jaaxy Research Tool and get more accurate results!

      Good luck on your new Amazon Affiliate site! 

  5. Thank you very much for this informative & useful article. I have a website & i was thinking about how to increase site traffic how to reach more people. Already i have read many article about Keyword Research but this article is more informative than others. 

    Thanks again for this valuable article…                      

    • I’m so glad to hear that my article is very helpful for you! You will really like jaaxy to research keywords. It’s a fun and very valuable tool to have!


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