How To Work Online At Home

How To Work Online At Home? – 9 Great Ways!

Every day, more and more people are becoming very interested in ways to work at home. People are tired of commuting to and from their regular jobs or want to be home more. The internet is now one beautiful tool we can use to our advantage. I’ve researched 9 great ways on how to work online at home so you can decide which one is best suited for you. One of them is affiliate marketing, and I’ll explain how you can sign up if you chose to.

How To Work Online At Home? – 9 Great Ways!

How To Work At Home Online?

There are many reasons why working from home is becoming more common. Here are five great reasons why we are more eager to start working from home.

  1. Freedom – Work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet service. Take your family on vacation or go somewhere to work and relax all at the same time. Be available for appointments or family activities. A much more enjoyable work experience.
  2. Earn As Much Money As You Want – It’s completely up to you how much money you need to make. Sign up for one job or many jobs. You have the final decision, and the earning possibility is truly endless in the online world.
  3. Legit Work From Home Career – Work in the comfort of your own home while taking care of the kids or even a sick loved one.
  4. Set Your Own Hours – Sleep in if you want and start working when you are ready to. No more commuting to and from work in crazy traffic jams.
  5. Conquers Boredom – This one works for me because I’ve never been a t.v person. I like to clean but other than that I always found to be bored when there was nothing to do. Now I get to use my creative thinking to work on my website to help others and make money. This is an amazing experience, and I’m never bored. Plus, making money staying home instead of going out and wasting money is so much better and feels great!

How To Work Online At Home

Here are some options for you to consider working at home online. Let’s see if one of these online jobs I’ve listed could finally be the dream job you’ve been looking for.

Person On The Computer1. Freelancing

Become a Freelancer. Freelancers are not necessarily committed to a particular employer long term, therefore, leaving you many options to earn money.

If you are good at music, art, architecture, writing, acting, data entry, business, computer programming, web design, graphic design, digital marketing, gaming, health, lifestyle, photography, translating and illustrating, film and video production, etc. then check out my Freelancing services article here to learn more about what Freelance service you would be most interested in and where to apply.

Nearly 50 % of Freelancers do writing jobs, 20% are designers, 8% translating, 5.5% web development, and 4% marketing. Freelancing is expected to grow significantly in the next 5 to 7 years and can be a great way to work at home online.

Freelancing Salary depends on the freelance work, industry, skills, experience, and location. Freelancers can choose to get paid by the day, hour, a piece rate, or a per-project basis. A negative side to Freelancing is that payment is not always guaranteed, so It’s always best to use online payment platforms to protect yourself or work with local clients who can be held accountable.

 2. Tutoring

“One to one Online Tutoring is growing in popularity, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.” You can read the full article here at is the #1 job site globally, offering free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. They offer a wide range of tutoring services you can apply for, such as English, Math, Science, ESL (English as a second language), and more from JK and up. Just type in tutoring in their search bar for your Country and sign up.

Or go to if you are interested in getting any extra help in find tutoring jobs!

Tutoring Salary – I noticed on Indeed that salaries vary from $15/hr to as high as $100/hr. Although, the majority being in the $20 to $30 range.

 3. Get Paid Taking Survey’s

This isn’t going to make you a lot of money, but If you are the kind of person who likes to give your opinion and do something easy in your spare time, this is a great way to earn a couple of bucks.

It’s definitely on the low end of making money online, but it can help pay you enough for some pocket change to enjoy a great night out at the movies or dinner!

Not only can you make a few bucks at Swagbucks answering surveys, but you can also make Swagbucks doing other things on their app as well, such as play games, watch entertaining shows and shop online, etc.

Please read my full review on 11 great ways to earn money at Swagbucks!

How much money can you earn taking surveys – There is no particular amount of money you can earn online taking surveys, but it’s not going to make you rich, that’s for sure!

I found some excellent tips at Quora on what you should know about first before taking surveys. I definitely recommend reading these first before you decide to take online surveys.

4. Homebased Virtual Assistant

Many busy professionals need help. Offer your professional administrative, technical or creative(social) assistance to clients remotely from your home office. VA roles may include typical secretarial work, website editing, social media marketing, customer service, real estate, telemarketing, etc.

Check out or to find a VA job online in your area.

VA Salary – Can make between $30 to $55 per hour depending on their level of expertise. But I noticed that and flexjobs offer VA jobs for approximately $15 – $22 per hour.

5. Medical Transcriptionist

Create electronic documents from the doctor’s dictation reports. Translating oral dictation and editing speech recognition files are an integral part of work for MT’s.

A one-year certification or a two-year associate degree is usually required to qualify. Plus, you will need to be a detail-oriented person with accurate and fast typing skills, excellent grammar and punctuation skills, and excellent hearing and listening skills.

Check out to enroll in an MT course and learn at home today.

If you already qualify, check out to find an MT job in your area.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary – Pay around $15 to $25 per hour and is a great stay-at-home job for moms that offers flexible hours.

6. Home Data Entry/Input Clerk

Usually, no experience necessary, but self-motivation is definitely necessary. Perform various tasks that you can choose from such as data entry, telemarketing, customer service, sales, clerical, secretary, bookkeeping, administrative assistant, warehouse, inventory, receptionist, call center, performing e-mails responses, reviews, surveys, and more online projects.

Check out neuvoo in your Country and enter the search bar “data entry clerk work from home” to find jobs you can apply for.

Data Entry Clerk Salary – Approximately $29,000 per year and I also read on that as of 2014, there were 306,250 Data Entry Clerks employed in the USA, and according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, there should be over 75,620 more job openings by the end of 2024 which translates to a slower than average projected growth.

Robots could definitely take over any job where instructions must be followed strictly and repetitively. Just something to consider if you are thinking about doing this long-term.

7. Open An Etsy Account

Start selling homemade gifts online at Etsy shop. If you are a person who enjoys creating art, crafts, woodworking projects, jewelry, sewing, knitting, etc., you can open up an Etsy account and start selling your homemade items for cash to customers from all over the world.

Check out my Etsy Review For Sellers here for more information on what you can sell on their website.

How much money can you earn on Etsy? The amount of money you make depends on you and the quality of the homemade goods! The more quality products you create, the more money you can make!

8. Start An FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) Online Business

Learn how to buy quality products and have them shipped to an Amazon Warehouse. Amazon takes care of the pick, pack, and ship and provides customer service for these products, so you don’t have to.

There is a great FBA course offered at for less than $20. I took this course and recommend it to anyone seriously interested in selling Amazon FBA.

Read my Best FBA Udemy Course here to learn more on exactly how it works and what they offer, and how to sign up.

Or Check Out Amazon FBA Books For More Info!

 9. Blogging/Affiliate Marketing

What’s A Blogger? A blogger is a person who keeps a blog as an activity in their life, like a diary or a journal. They write, edit, post, and promote informational content almost daily on their website.

What’s Affiliate Marketing? Bloggers can earn a lot of commission/money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other company’s products/services on your personal website or social media platforms. If your visitor clicks on your personal affiliate link and buys the product you recommend, the company pays you a percentage of the sale. This can be up to 75%.

Most Common Blogs Are:

  • Fashion Blogs
  • Food Blogs
  • Travel Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Fitness Blogs
  • DIY Blogs
  • Sports Blogs
  • Finance Blogs
  • Political Blogs
  • Parenting Blogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Personal Blogs
  • Movie Blogs
  • Car Blogs
  • News Blogs
  • Pet Blogs
  • Gaming Blogs
  • Wedding Photography Blogs
  • Whatever Passion You Want Blogs!

How To Make Money Blogging?

Live Your Best Life At HomeThe best way to earn as a beginner blogger is by affiliate marketing, as I explained above. Sell other people’s products (ex. from Amazon, Walmart, Nike, Travelocity, etc.) and receive a commission for the sales.

Other ways include placing ads and banners on your website (such as google ad sense), selling digital products, selling memberships, selling e-books, offering courses, doing freelance writing, offer to coach and consult, charge for sponsored social media posts, etc.

You really can earn a 6 figure income or more if you are willing to complete the right training and follow the right measures to get there.

It’s very important to have a plan, be persistent and have patience. You must consistently create content that your readers find valuable to build a fan base for your online business.

I’ll be completely honest! You will definitely not make money overnight, but If you are a patient person and are willing to put forth lots of time and effort to make passive income online, eventually that will last forever, blogging and affiliate marketing can be perfect for you!

There are many successful online Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers that you probably already follow and have purchased something online many times. They put forth the effort to become successful online entrepreneurs, and you can too!

Anyone can blog! It does not matter if you have another job right now or not. You can start an online business on the side while working another job. You work when you want and slowing scale-up towards success. Even maybe one day, quit your current job, work solely online and even be happier.

My Opinion! reported that over 1.8 billion people are shopping online, and it’s significantly growing every day!

I say, why not learn how to set up your own shop online and learn how to make passive income for your future?

Even if it’s a few months or a year from now. Time flies by and with the right training, you can learn how to create a passive income before you know it!

This is why Affiliate marketing is my choice to work online at home. It really is the best option for me, and I’m really enjoying my journey.

I’ve been taking the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Course at Wealthy Affiliate since September 2019.

It’s the best choice I’ve made in the working world. I love being able to work on my computer in the comfort of my own home anytime I want!

The wealthy Affiliate community support system is amazing and I wouldn’t go anywhere else in the world to receive this kind of top-notch training.

So why not become a blogger and blog about anything you are passionate about and incorporate affiliate marketing into your website to make even more money!

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Course or their FREE Online Entrepreneur Course 


My WA Review Here To Learn More!

If you have any questions, please contact me at anytime and I’ll be more than happy to help.



10 thoughts on “How To Work Online At Home? – 9 Great Ways!”

  1. I have been hearing it’s possible to work from home through the internet for quite a long time. But I had never researched about it. I’m glad I found your post because you explain things very easy to follow. And you have excited me with this potential way of earning. I like to have control of the hours I work and not have a roof concerning income. And what’s most important I want to do an activity that’s 100 percent legit.

    • Yes, working from home on the internet is significantly growing and now is the best time to start. More and more people prefer to shop online rather than in stores so this is why I knew it was a no brainer for me to start an online business. Wealthy Affiliate has been teaching Affiliate Marketing since 2005 and they are definitely legit! The best program in the world for sure! You won’t be disappointed if you decide to take their online courses. 

      Thank for reading my article and I’m so glad it helped! If you have any further questions about the WA please let me know!


  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us.  I’m a freelancer and online at home is what I consider to be my best medium for making money .Although there are many ways to make money online .Affiliate marketing makes it easy to make money at home .I’ve been marketing affiliate for a long time with wealthy affiliate and  Successful Affiliate Marketer .Wealthy Affiliate has lots of tutorial videos and these videos have a lot of affiliate marketing support and Affiliate has provided a lot of money making tools that make my website a better place. 

    Lastly, I would like to say that making money online through affiliate marketing is very easy and it is at home.Many of you who read your article will get a premium membership from the wealthy affiliate website and get affiliate marketing success and will share it with you soon.

    • Wow, that’s wonderful. It’s great that we have so many options to stay at home and earn money online. Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate has been my best option. I pay for the Premium membership because I know that I’m ready to fully commit. However, if a person isn’t really sure then there’s the FREE option to consider just to get a good look around the Wealthy Affiliate platform first before you decide if it’s for you or not! The options are there for anyone to try it out!

      All the best to your Freelancing and Affiliate Marketing Success Online!


  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I wished for many days I would work online at home.Because making money online at home is always a fun time with a different family.And I work as a marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, earning commissions on various products.Now I have started my own online business.That’s why I think affiliate marketing is very important for doing business online and can make a good amount of money.

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear you are doing very as an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate as well!

      I agree, staying home to work is so much better and the best part is that we get to be home with our families and enjoy more freedom!

      Thanks for your reply and all the best with your marketing success!!!


  4. Hi there, Miranda!

    I loved reading your page “How to work online from home”. I especially can relate to not being a TV person. I use my family’s “screen-time” to do online surveys and other small jobs to earn an extra dollar or two. I also enjoy affiliate marketing, though I am still fairly new, and feel a bit “lost” at this stage. I also thoroughly enjoy the courses put together on WA. Do you have any advice to offer a newbie blogger? 

    • Hi Francis,

      You will get there! I am a new affiliate marketer as well and cannot believe what I’ve accomplished so far in just the 4 months.

      WA is the best all-in-one training and we just have to follow the course step-by-step and be patient. It takes time to build a highly profitable online business but with the experienced affiliate marketers we get to learn from inside the WA community proves that we can get there. It can take 6 months to 1 to 2 years to build up an online business but it’s completely up to us to listen to what we are learning and work for it. I also recommend following your favorite 2 or 3 successful WA Entrepreneurs in your niche and learn from them. Look at their websites, see what they’ve accomplished and get great ideas on what they are doing but of course, “never copy”. Our websites must be unique! 

      All the best to you! You will get there soon!!!


  5. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was really interesting and informative. I am glad to see your article. I have got a lot of information about work online at home. I’ve been working online for two years at home. I have a website and I do affiliate marketing at home and I think everyone should work online at home because there is freedom of time, a lot of money can be earned, work can be done at home as well as other chores, kids can be given time, Due to the family time I work online at home. I found valuable information by reading your article and I have benefited from this information and I think other people like me will benefit from reading this article. I’ll share this article with my friends and I’ll share my new experience with you later. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thank you again for such a beautiful post.

    • That’s great to hear, 2 years! I just started. Working at home is great and on the rise for sure!

      I thank you very much for sharing my article with your friends and I can’t wait to hear about what they decide to do! 

      All the best to your online success!!!



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