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Proven Ways To Earn An Income Online – Free Beginner Affiliate Marketing Course

Are you looking to build a sustainable income online? If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start? There are proven ways to earn an income online. You can start by creating two completely free websites (training included) from this online platform called Wealthy Affiliate University.

This platform is truly one of the best proven online platforms to teach beginners how to create a successful affiliate marketing business right from scratch. Please read some of the real-life success stories I’ve included below!

Proven Ways To Make Money On The Internet!

Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: FREE Starter Membership, $49 Premium Membership (or save and go $359/year)

Owners: Kyle Loudoun, Carson Lim

Rating: 9/10 Stars

What is Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate University is one of the best online training programs dedicated to beginner affiliate marketers that don’t know where to start. They began in 2005, and currently, there are over 1.5 million users worldwide learning and working on this platform every day. Wealthy Affiliate has tons of text and videos that provide you with step-by-step detailed training. It’s a one-stop-shop, so you never have to go anywhere else for help.

This platform of both new and experienced affiliate marketers work together to help each other strive in their online businesses. It’s a community of like-minded helpful people that want you to be just as successful as they are. You never have to feel alone when working on your business.

Get all your answers to any questions you have right away. You will have zero stress knowing you can receive all the help you will ever need all in one place.  Check out more information on the My Wealthy Affiliate Review page.

There are 2 Programs offered at Wealthy Affiliate – Take one or both! 

1. Entrepreneur Certification Course – Choose this course If you choose a niche of interest. Examples would be yoga, working out, pets, food, wine, etc.

2. Bootcamp Course – Choose this course if you are interested in making money online niche or if you really don’t know what direction to start. You will learn how to become an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate. Show others how Wealthy Affiliate is a great program to start their online business.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

It’s for anyone who wants to learn how to create a sustainable steady online income. If you are completely new at building an online business, it will not happen overnight! It would be best if you had direction and professional guidance from experts who already know-how. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is becoming more and more popular every day. People inside this community are building their own successful online businesses, and you can too. Here is how I know!

Proven Success Stories!!!

I have listed 3, but there are thousands more. Feel free to look around the Wealthy Affiliate Platform when you join to view more for yourself!

Success #1

Success #2

Success #3

How to Create A FREE Website?

You can create a FREE website with Wealthy Affiliate and keep it forever. $0 forever! You have nothing to lose, and training is also provided. Kyle shows in a training video how you can do this in just under 30 seconds.

$0 No credit card required! This is exactly where I learned how to create my website, and I started for free. Free is the best option because you don’t want to spend any money when you’re unsure about something, especially if you’ve never experienced it before. This is the best way to see if it’s for you.

If you decided that affiliate marketing is what you are looking for, upgrade to the premium version. The premium version has absolutely everything you will need to learn all about successful that affiliate marketing.

Start here at ==>Siterubix Free Website Builder


Check out my post on How to Create Your Own Website Step-by-Step

My Final Opinion

If you are really interested in creating an online business and have no idea where to even begin, Wealthy Affiliate University is my recommendation! I’ve tried a few other online training programs to learn all about affiliate marketing and WASTED money. It was very disappointing, and I was angry with myself.

When I discovered that Wealthy Affiliate had a completely FREE starter membership course, I was blown away! I just had to give it a try! I am so happy I did as I’m still active inside this community and plan to continue for years to come.

Thousands of new members are joining WA every day, and there is no better time to learn how to build a successful online business than right now. Join me inside WA and let me know you’re there.

My profile name inside the platform is Mirzy7. I’ll always be more than happy to help you with anything you ever need!

Wishing you all the best in your success!!!


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