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Top Web Hosting Services – My Review

Are you new at building a Website? A good domain name with Top Web Hosting Services is a must when first building your website! Where should you go? I compared 2 high-speed and popular web hosting services for you below. One is Bluehost, and the other is Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope this will help you determine which one is best suited for you so you can feel better knowing you’re going in the right direction!

Top Web Hosting Services!

Let’s compare and see which one will work best for you;

Bluehost Or Wealthy Affiliate?     




  • Bluehost Price Plans: Basic $10.64/month, Plus $14.63/month, Choice Plus $19.95/month and Pro $31.94/month ==> Get Up To 50% Off Your Purchase Now!
  • Wealthy Affiliate: $0 FREE Starter Membership Here! (first 10 online lessons), $49/month or save money and pay only $359/year premium membership ($1,000 value compared to the competition). It’s an all-in-one stop shop for anyone interested in building a business online. Learn how to build everything you need to know from complete scratch! If you’ve never had a website ever before, this is the absolute best place to start!


  • Bluehost was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and owned by Endurance International Group.
  • Wealthy Affiliate founded in 2005 and owned by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

My Overall Ranking:

  • Bluehost 8/10
  • Wealthy Affiliate 9/10

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosts, hosting over well over 2 million domains with its sister companies, Host Monster, Fast Domain, and iPage.

Bluehost helps you get started with your website or e-commerce store. They offer many services, from web hosting, cloud, and WordPress hosting to website builder tools. Their primary focus is “meeting the needs of small businesses and digital marketing.”

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation and offers one of the best web hosting platforms in the world.  It currently has a community of over 2 million users and growing every day. With all the powerful and secure web hosting support you will receive for your WordPress site, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with an experience to always feel safe running your online business.

This popular online training program helps new entrepreneurs learn exactly how to become an Affiliate Marketer by offering tons of online videos and text. You can sign up for a FREE starter membership to see if this is for you! If you decide to go PREMIUM, then you will receive FULL ACCESS TO ALL THE TRAINING THEY OFFER!

 Pros & Cons of Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate

Pros of Bluehost:

PRO #1: Free domain name included with first-year purchase.

PRO #2: Enhanced cPanel offers FAST access to all of its features.

PRO #3: You can integrate it with “CloudFlare” and get enhanced performance.

PRO #4: If you can afford it, WordPress hosting on Bluehost is considered to be TOP NOTCH!

PRO #5: They can hire the best network engineers and customer support and will probably never go out of business.

PRO #6: They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Receive a full refund within the first 30 days, but if you cancel after that, you will not get prorated refund for the period of your hosting term. Domain fees are not refundable.

Cons of Bluehost:

CON #1: It can be expensive compared to other competitors.

CON #2: Customer services get mixed reviews. Many people report great services, while others report not able to get any help when needed.

CON #3: Bluehost often tries to upsell you to add-ons and upgrades. Sometimes your website will require these features to function properly, and unfortunately, you will have to pay more for them. This could be a problem IF you are on a limited budget.

Pros & Cons of Wealthy Affiliate (WA):

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate:

PRO #1: Unlimited 24/7 live online support and help and messaging services.

PRO #2: Owners Kyle and Carson are always active inside the WA community, and you can send a private message to them for any questions or help.

PRO #3: Offers 2 FREE websites you can build your own on with “how to get started video training” for you.

PRO #4: Offers 2 FULL online courses you get to choose from that best suits you. Get lifetime access to some training with their FREE starter program or go to PREMIUM and get lifetime access to ALL the courses they provide.

PRO #5: Website backup is TOP NOTCH!

PRO #6: Personal Affiliate Blog.

PRO #7: Offers a FREE trial, so give it a try and see WA is for you!

PRO #8: WA offers a FREE trip to Las Vegas every year for their Super Affiliates! So If you feel this is a great incentive for you to start a business, then take their “BOOT CAMP COURSE.”

Cons of Wealthy Affiliate:

CON #1: Although you can utilize the lifetime membership, you will have limited access to all of their training programs.

CON #2: You can only choose up to 12 WordPress themes if you are a free starter member, but you can get access to over 4 thousand themes if you pay and go premium.

CON #3: It can take Kyle or Carson a couple of days to return your message, but with over a million users here at WA, we can understand! There are so many people helping each other inside the WA community that you don’t have to worry about getting any of your questions answered quickly.

Who is Bluehost For?

Bluehost is for anyone looking for a reliable web host with an excellent reputation. You can trust them because they’ve been in business since 2003. Large companies and any current WordPress customers can pay extra to receive more features. Any owner of a small business can benefit from Bluehost for general purposes.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to start and grow your online business, especially for beginners. It’s especially for anyone who wants to learn all about “Affiliate Marketing” but does not know where to even begin. The Wealthy Affiliate programs provide you with all the tools and training you need to start an online business right from scratch and help make it easier for you to do so. Anyone who needs help on how to use WordPress and for people looking for a highly efficient web hosting service to run their current website(s).

Bluehost Tools & Training

Start: Is your overall score calculated at Bluehost. Of course, the higher the score, the better it is for your site. The score is calculated with an algorithm that considers all aspects of our site that influence SEO.

Search Engine Submissions: Bluehost SEO Tools submit your site to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But if your site is new, it will take time, usually months, for your site to be found.

Visitors: Keep track of your visitors and where they come from. This could take a while to show up if your site is new.

Ranking: Check how well your sites rank with the 3 major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can check how well they rank with the keywords you are tracking and compare them to your competitors.

Site Review: They will let you know if your site has any technical issues you should know about.

Search Optimization: You can see how friendly your site is on Search Engines.

Content: Bluehost SEO Tools analyze your content and will give you tips on what you can improve.

Mobile: Bluehost SEO Tools analyze your site and let you know whether it’s responsive and loads fast enough.

Popularity: The more your site it’s linked to and from other places, the more visitors you will get. Search Engines give better rankings to sites that have a lot of backlinks.

Social Media: Bluehost tracks how often your site is shared on Facebook, Linkedin, and Google+. How many times your website URL has been shared across the social platforms, and is the value of your site.

Wealthy Affiliate Web Host Tools & Training

Site Speed: This is their main focal point at WA. Your site will always be on the latest and most powerful servers in the world through Amazing hosting.

Siterubix Platform: They provide anyone either using a STARTER membership or PREMIUM membership to use their platform to build 2 FREE WEBSITES on so you don’t have to buy a domain name until you are ready. If you decide you want to transfer your free website name from to the one you want to own, you can do so in just seconds.

Provide“load limiting” process: They monitor your websites and make sure they load fast. The Avg. Page load time is – 1.3 seconds. WOW!

Double Host Your Site: Your websites have “full redundancy,” so if your website were to (for some reason) go down, they have a “MIRROR” image of your site running at all times that they will swap in right away.

Hosting Security: They are completely able to PREVENT hacking and spam before it happens. They provide several layers of security so that you can also FEEL SECURE in knowing they are safe at all times.

Got your Back-ups Everyday: If you, for some reason (as we all do), make a mistake, they take daily snapshots of your website so that you can get your site back up and running.

Full WordPress and Classroom training: An extra service provided only through Wealthy Affiliate to help anyone new at building their websites still receive super-fast web hosting services.

Bluehost Support:

24/7 Support by:

  • Asking a question from control panel.
  • Messaging them at
  • Call them toll-free at 1-888-401-4678

Wealthy Affiliate Support:

24/7 Support by:

  • Live Chat Rooms.
  • Message the Owners inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform if you are a member.
  • Multiple ways to get your questions answered inside the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. There are tons of live online help offered at WA that you will get all of your questions answered super quick.

 Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost Plan Outline

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Which one should you choose?

In my opinion, IF you already have your own website and don’t require any extra help or upgraded services, then go with Bluehost. Its dependable, fast web hosting will not disappoint you!


IF you are a complete newbie to the online business world and need extra help and motivation to help you grow your business, then Wealthy Affiliate is the WAY TO GO!

With all the added training and live 24/7 fast support system, it’s the best online program on the web that I know! Plus, they offer a completely FREE trial offer so you can see if it’s even for you before you spend any money.


 Are they Legit?

They are definitely both legit. But, If you require more help with learning how to make money online, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate! There is no other platform I know that gives you the kind of detailed training they offer!

There’s nothing to lose! If you’ve wanted to start an online business but have no idea where to go, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to be!

Which top web hosting service will work best for you?

Bluehost Review

Basic $10.64/month, Plus $14.63/month, Choice Plus $19.95/month








  • Free domain name with first year purchase.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Considered to be top-notch.


  • No added training included.
  • Customer service gets mixed reviews.
  • Often offers upsells to add-ons and upgrades.

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