Viral Click Scam!

Viral Click Scam – My Review

If, you ever ordered items from Viral Click chances are you lost money.  I noticed there is no valid website for them anymore. All the bad reviews people reported about them may have shut them down. The question is, will they be back?


Company: Viral-Click Company


Location: Medley, Florida, USA

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 0/5 Stars


My Viral Click Scam Review


Top 5 Customer Complaints and What Happened?

Where They Filed Complaints?

What Can You Do? 


5 Top Complaints  (What I Chose to be)

1. Nail Clippers – The item had a loose steel piece in the box and the batteries did not work.

What Happened? – The customer tried to contact the company but NO RESPONSE!


2. Hand-Held Duster and RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – Viral Click withdrew $85.70 from the customers’ credit card. A few days later, the customer received the Duster but NO Scale.

What Happened? – The customer called the phone number indicated for customer support and got a message indicating to contact them through e-mail instead. The customer wrote them an e-mail explaining they only received the Duster but not the Scale (even tho the shipping e-mail stated that both items were sent). The customer received a generic e-mail back from them stating that their shipping department would send out the scale immediately. Still, no Scale and NO RESPONSE!


3. Pipe Cannon Clog –  The customer reported buying this item from Facebook. It sold for $19.95 including shipping but when they clicked the buy button, another option popped up to buy another one for only $5.00 extra and when they clicked on that button another $5.00 charged to them. Then the automated receipt sent immediately after showed a $50.80 charge.

What Happened?  – The customer tried to cancel the order immediately after seeing the receipt but could not reach anyone. NO RESPONSE! They contacted Facebook.


4. Wonderbra  Wrong size and bad quality.

What Happened? – The customer sent the bras back but the company kept the bras and their money. NO RESPONSE!


5. Bras – Wrong size.

What Happened? – The customer returned the bras back according to the instructions. No refund received. When the customer tried calling the company, they heard a recording stating to contact them through e-mail. Still, NO RESPONSE!

What You Can Do!

File a report with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) at:

Website –
Location – Arlington, Virginia, USA
Rating – 4.5/5 stars

There were more than 26 complaints filed about Viral Check through the Better Business Bureau just this year alone.

The BBB is a private non-profit organization founded in 1912 dedicated to focusing on advancing marketplace trust.

You can file a complaint through them on their website. They serve areas of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  The BBB is not affiliated with any government agency.

My Opinion

I am so glad to see that Viral Clicks’ website no longer exists.

During my research, I did not notice any information about Viral Click on Facebook. Posting complaints about companies that are not legit can help stop them. But, can they come back?

I am sorry to anyone that lost their money because of the Viral Click Scam. I hope Viral Click pays everyone back every cent they stole from people. The more we are aware of these scams, the more we can learn how to avoid them.

If you had any “bad” or “good” experience with Viral Click, please share below.

We would love to hear your story!

Thank you!



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