What Is Etsy Shop About?

What Is Etsy Shop About – Should You Buy From Them?

Etsy shop only allows 100% hand-made and vintage items that are at least 20 years old to be listed on their e-commerce website. So, What Is Etsy Shop About? If you have ever had any trouble finding the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, look no further. Etsy has got you covered, and I have listed 3 reasons why?

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What Is Etsy Shop About?

What Is Etsy Shop About?

Etsy an online global marketplace. Etsy acts as the middle person between the seller and buyer. Sellers are both very talented Artists and creative Crafty Entrepreneurs who open up their own store on Etsy’s website. They sell their own homemade products to buyers who are looking for unique items they can’t find anywhere else. Etsy’s headquarters is located in Brooklyn, New York, USA, and has been online since 2005. If you are looking for anything hand-crafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it can be found on Etsy.

3 reasons why buying from Etsy is worth it!

It doesn’t cost buyers anything to sign up for an Etsy account, and you don’t even have to, especially if you plan on just buying only one item. But, by creating an account, you can add sellers to your favorite list, leave reviews for products, and message sellers privately for more information regarding any questions you may have. Here are 3 reasons I believe Etsy is worth buying from.

1. Only Online Platform That Offers So Many Unique Items You Will Not Find Anywhere Else!

Product examples offered at Etsy

I thought products selling on Etsy would be made very cheap, so I really didn’t have any interest in looking through their website at all in the past. Until I really wanted something for my son’s bedroom and couldn’t find it anywhere else. I was searching for this item and came across it of course, only on Etsy!

I decided to give it a chance. After I ordered the item, the seller private messaged me to start creating it and ship it out as soon as the order was complete. I was fine with it not being done right away as it was a mine craft painting, and I knew it would take her time.

The item took a couple of weeks to arrive at my house but it was worth it. To my surprise, the item was made of excellent quality, and my son and I were pleased with the results. It’s best to give sellers some time to create and deliver the product. If you ever need something created asap, you can private message the seller (not Etsy) and ask them when you should expect to receive the item before you decide to confirm the order.

However, we weren’t in a hurry, and the results we received with the painting were worth the wait. Here is the list of categories offered at Etsy so you can know what to expect when going to their website.

Categories listed at Etsy include:

  • Clothing & Shoes – Women’s, Men, Kids, Babies, Bags & Purses.
  • Home & Living – Home, Bath, Beauty, Pet Supplies.
  • Wedding & Party – Supplies, Invitations, Decorations, Gifts, Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry.
  • Toys & Entertainment – Electronics, Books, Movies & Music.
  • Art & Collectibles – Prints, Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Glass Art, Drawings & Illustration, Media & Collage, Fiber Arts, Dolls & Miniatures.
  • Craft Supplies & Tools – Home & Hobby, Jewelry, Beauty, Sewing & Fiber, Papercraft, Visual Arts, Sculpting & Forming.
  • Vintage – Must be 20 years and older – Home & Living, Jewelry, Clothing, Art & Collectibles, Accessories, Books, Films & Music, Toys & Games, Weddings, Bags & Purses, Paper & Supplies, Shoes, Bath & Beauty, Electronics & Accessories, Craft Supplies & Tools, Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing.
  • Gift Cards – Available in $25, $50, $100 and $250

2. It’s Safe To Buy!

Etsy maintains all the transaction records on payments and does not pass on any secure data, including credit card numbers or bank account information, to any seller. Sellers only receive shipping information and limited buyer information that is necessary to complete the order.  Ensure you pay Sellers ONLY within the Etsy platform; otherwise, Etsy cannot help you if there are any payment problems. Etsy recommends paying through PayPal, which is considered optimal safety for any online purchases.

You can choose from any of these Payment options:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit/Bank Cards
  • Etsy Gift Cards or Etsy Credit
  • PayPal
  • ApplePay
  • GooglePay
  • Klorna Invoice Payments (Germany)
  • iDeal (the Netherlands)
  • Sofort (Austria and Germany)

The prices for most of the items on Etsy are excellent, in my opinion. Here is an example screenshot of what you can get for under $36. Just type in what you are looking for in the search bar and get a whole list of items pop up.

Make sure to check for the Sellers 5 star rating in their profile first before you buy something.  That way, you know they are serious about their online business and have a great reputation for shipping out only quality items. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can contact their support team here.

Mother's Day gifts at Etsy

3. To Support Women Entrepreneurs!

With so many talented Women Entrepreneurs from all over the world. I wanted to help support them to continue to prosper in their field of expertise and keep Etsy going.

If you decide to buy anything, please check for the 5-star rating in their profiles, so you know they are serious about their business and have a great reputation for only sending out quality products. Most of us find it difficult to buy a good gift for our special someone, but Etsy makes it a lot easier.

Here are some gift ideas for your special someone:

What can you buy for Men?

  • Gifts for the Beer drinkers
  • Leather items, bow ties, wallets
  • Guitar/Camera straps
  • Garage/Hobby items
  • Personalized Cufflinks
  • Vintage birdhouses
  • Outdoor string lights

What can you buy for Women?

  • Cozy knits
  • Vibrant socks
  • Personalized portrait stamps
  • Handbags
  • Hand-turned walnut bowl
  • Hand-crafted designer vases
  • Eco-Friendly notebooks
  • Cutting boards
  • Floral designs for keeps
  • Jewelry

What can you buy for pretty much anyone on your list?

  • Cat furniture, Animal prints, Winter headgear for pets
  • Halloween matching costumes for you and your pet
  • Gourmet Italian food gifts
  • Earth Friendly Items
  • Art
  • DIY Embroidery Kits
  • How to make a soothing eye pillow
  • Custom camera straps
  • Backyard personalized games
  • Moon necklaces
  • Custom portrait magnets
  • Wedding dresses, headpieces, and Tamaras
  • Father of the bride gifts
  • Keepsake boxes
  • Notice me neckties for Men
  • Knits
  • Unique holiday cards
  • Printable ornaments

There you have a full list of many unique items to choose from on the Etsy platform. If you are interested in checking out all of these plus so much more, click on the link below to discover all the unique gifts offered at Etsy only!

“> Shop at Etsy for unique items online

My Opinion!

My experience ordering from Etsy was great! I would never have given them a chance if the item I was looking for had been offered elsewhere. Because I had a great buying experience with Etsy, I wanted to share it with all of you too. I know that I definitely plan to return to Etsy every time I need a gift for a good friend or family member.

Have you ever thought about becoming an Etsy Seller? You can even start a blog displaying your products and become an Etsy Entrepreneur even quicker and get more traffic to buy from you!

If you are interested, check out my #1 recommendation, where I first started my blog for completely FREE!

Are you either an Etsy Seller or Buyer?

If so, what was your experience?

Please leave a comment below so we can learn more about your Etsy experience.

Thank you for reading!


14 thoughts on “What Is Etsy Shop About – Should You Buy From Them?”

  1. I have bought several products off of Etsy and I have always been satisfied. The products were as advertised and Etsy made it feel that the purchase was secure so I have never worried about fraud when purchasing through their website. It is true that you can find very unique items on Esty but you have to be patient because most items can’t be shipped immediately. 

    • Hi, Lee!

      It’s great to know that you’ve experienced buying many items from Etsy and been very satisfied with all of them. The item I purchased took a couple of weeks to get to my house so yes I agree that it’s important to be patient and place orders ahead of time. 

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Etsy!



  2. Hey thank you so much for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed reading about Etsy and I can agree that it is a great place to shop!  I never thought about how it helps women business owners, but you are right and that is awesome! It’s good to be able to do that, and to support small businesses.

    • Hi Jessie and thank you for letting us know that you had a great experience with Etsy as well!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it and hopefully, Etsy will be around for many more years to help more Women
      Entrepreneurs strive:)

  3. Of the three reasons you think Etsy is worth buying from, the issue of security is the one I am most concerned about (I’m fairly certain a good number of others shares the same concern) I’m not saying its unsafe to shop with etsy, I’m only highlighting a concern since I have never used the platform. I have to ask, what are the measures they take to verify sellers?


    • Hi and thank you for asking!

      I did my research and learned that, yes anyone is welcome to sell on Etsy. But the most important thing to do before you purchase from any seller is to look at their STAR RATING under their profile. If the Seller has a bad reputation, it will be listed also known as “flagged” by other buyers who had a bad experience or other sellers within the Etsy platform. 

      So although Etsy cannot guarantee it’s 100% safe, nothing ever is no matter where you shop online. 

      Etsy does, however, take safety very seriously and if you have any problems or concerns with harassment, spam messaging or anything suspicious you can either send an email 24/7 to spoof@etsy.com, chat with a representative on their platform or even call them directly if you prefer(7am to 10pm EST) They do recommend making payments with PayPal for optimal safety and to always purchase inside the platform so that if you experience any problems at all, they can help you.

      In my experience, I used my credit card and had no problem. I hope you find this information useful. Thank you so much again for asking a very important question!


      Here are the phone numbers if anyone ever needs to contact Etsy by phone. 

      North America 1-844-659-3879

      United Kingdom +44-800-011-9700

      Australia +61-1800-531-536

  4. I know a little bit about Etsy but nothing extensive so I am very glad to have come across your post here. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for sure. With Etsy I see that it makes the search a lot more seamless, and that they carry only 100% hand-made and vintage items is outstanding. I can’t believe how many different categories can be found, as well as a variety of secure payment methods. I am always glad to support female entrepreneurs, and I have saved your post for when it’s soon time to start searching, thanks for the excellent information on Etsy!

    • Hi and thank you for reading my post about Etsy!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed learning a lot more about them too. I didn’t know much either until I bought something and had a great experience. 

      I noticed there seems to be a lot of Women Entrepreneurs on this platform and this is why I mentioned that it would be wonderful to support them. I have a good friend that sells on Etsy and I like to support her as well. 

      Thank you for saving my post for future reference. I’m glad you found it very helpful! 


  5. From Etsy Shop I ordered a product was a wonderful gift to a friend of mine.I have seen various types of online shops but the Etsy shop is different from all the things that I like most about this shop is that I can post my own products for sale on this website.I shop in a store for a long time and this website is very good to me and in a very good quality successful way.nd besides, I recommend my friends to buy products from here.

    • Hi! That’s great! 

      I’m so glad to hear the products from Etsy you ordered for your good friend were of great quality! 

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad it’s been a positive one for you!


  6. Hello Miranda. Thank you for taking your time to share this post explaining what Etsy Shop is all about and whether we should buy from them. I have heard the word Etsy before and I didn’t understand what Etsy is all about. I am very impressed at the quality of their products and the uniqueness too. I’d definitely use Etsy in the future.


    • Hi! Thank you for your genuine comment about my Etsy post. I too am very impressed with the unique products they sell. It’s very nice to know that you would definitely consider using Etsy in the future:) 

  7. Thanks for the review! I have been thinking about getting on Etsy to sell my crotchet items like teddy bears, blankets, scarfs, etc.  I love doing it and have always thought about selling things online, but was wary about going through a middle man.  However, I will definitely check it out and see if this will work for me.  Thanks again for the information!

    • Yes, I think that’s great Jennie!

      My good friend sells personalized items for weddings and she loves using Etsy. I plan to write my next article about selling on Etsy very soon! 

      So, stay tuned!

      All the best to you and please let me know when you have it up and going. I’d love to see your new Etsy store and even purchase something too. 



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