What Is Rakuten Rewards For?

What Is Rakuten Rewards For?

Rakuten is a worldwide e-commerce marketplace where you can save money on almost everything and anything you are shopping for online. Whether you enjoy shopping online at Amazon, Walmart, Adidas, The Gap, Etsy, Best Buy, Old Navy, Under Armour, Bed Bath & Beyond, iHerb, Lululemon, Davids Tea, Jelly Belly and hundreds more. Rakuten is a must app for you!

What Is Rakuten Rewards For?

How Does Rakuten Rewards Work?

What Categories Are Offered At Rakuten?

Why Join Rakuten Rewards?

What Is Rakuten Rewards For?

Rakuten (formally ebates) is a worldwide e-commerce marketplace based in San Mateo, California. As long as you shop at online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. through the Rakuten app, you will be qualified to receive a percentage of the sale and get even more money back with anything you purchase. The percentage you receive can be from 1% to 9% and sometimes even a lot more! Save money for a rainy day or even towards a vacation you’ve been wanting to go for!


How Does Rakuten Rewards Work?

Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending buyers their way and Rakuten shares the commission with us as Cash Back! Commissions can be up to 40% offered at over 2,500 stores through the Rakuten app only. Rakuten pays out Cash Back every 4 months and you choose to have your Cash Back either mailed to you directly or sent to your PayPal account.

You can always find your cash back balance and products you have purchased listed under your profile so you always know how much cash back to expect.

What Categories Are Offered At Rakuten?

You can choose from any of these categories listed from almost every retailer they are offered to buy from. Some retailers included in these categories are Amazon, Adidas, Bouclair, E-bay, Etsy, The Gap, UnderArmoour, Aldo, American Eagle, David’s Tea, Jelly Belly, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Home Depot, iHerb, Lululemon, Udemy, e-Vitamins, TurboTax, PetPlan, Sephora, Air & Hotel Accommodations plus thousands more.

Categories Offered At Rakuten Include:

  • Baby, Kids & Toys
  • Books, Music, Movies & Games
  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Computers, Electronics & Office
  • Department & Grocery Stores
  • Drugstores
  • Financial Services
  • Gift Cards
  • Gifts & Flowers
  • Hardware & Tools
  • Healthy & Beauty
  • Home, Automotive & Garden
  • Pets
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Travel & Vacations

**Always check the 3X Cash Back Categories and Weekly deals first in the Rakuten app so you don’t miss out on them!



Why Join Rakuten Rewards?

There are 3 great reasons to join the Rakuten Rewards program:

1. It’s FREE to join! – Why not sign up and test it out! There is nothing to lose only money to gain from ordering your online purchases through their app. Super easy to sign up and start saving while your’e shopping online anyway.

2. The Best Coupons & Deals – Get the latest % sales and know when they expire to save even more money while shopping online.

3. Earn cash back – Since we are already shopping online at all of the stores we love to purchase from anyway, why not use the Rakuten app and save even more money? Rakuten shares their commissions with buyers as an incentive to sign up. Earn free money every 4 months.

You can even earn a lot more money by referring your family and friends. Rakuten will provide you with your own personal link to share with anyone you know would be interested in signing up and if they join you earn up to $25 per sign up and they earn money too!

Share your Personal Rakuten Link by:

  • Sending e-mails
  • Sending SMS direct messages
  • Post it either on your personal or business Facebook page
  • Share it on your website

You don’t need a website to promote Rakuten to your friends and family but If you like to promote to more people from all areas of the world and earn a lot more money then a website is ideal.

Check out where I started a website and became an affiliate marketer for completely free here at my #1 recommendation. You can start one right from scratch and learn how to promote Rakuten plus many more products and services people are looking for on the internet and earn a lot more money.

You must have an active website with a few quality articles on it first before you can sign up to most Affilaite Marketing Programs. Learn how to create a website for FREE HERE! Training Included!

Choose an interest, build a website, attract visitors, earn commission

Here is a list of some Affiliate Programs any beginner can sign up for:

  • Amazon – Products in a variety of categories from clothing to electronics and health etc. You can earn up to 10% but if you promote very expensive products, for example, treadmills etc. you can earn a lot of money.
  • ClickBank – Products offered are mostly digital and you can earn up to 75% commission.
  • Awin – Offers both physical and digital products and you can earn up to 50% commission.
  • Cj Affiliate – Offers both physical and digital products and you can earn up to 50 % commission.
  • Wealthy Affiliate – Offers an online training program for beginner Affiliate Marketers where you can promote them and earn up to 40% for every person who signs up.

You can learn more about these really great affiliate programs for beginners here!

There are many more programs to coose from but as a beginner Affiliate Marketer I would recommend starting with these and then scale up over time. I’ve only worked online for 4 months and been approved into all of these affiliate programs listed.

You definitely have to have a functional website before getting approved by these programs first before you can promote any of their products.


If you ever seriously considered a career in affiliate marketing or just want to learn more about how you can start working for yourself,

Check out my #1 Recommendation Here!

Have you ever considered working online but didn’t know where to start? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or feel free to email me==> miranda@energeticmompreneur.com and I’ll be more than happy to help.



6 thoughts on “What Is Rakuten Rewards For?”

  1. I’ve became a Rakuten member olready thanks for a great recommendation. Definitely this is the smart way to buy online (as it doesn’t represent any cost tu us a final consumers). I need a new laptop PC so I’ll be using it to get me one of those with 3x rewards.

    I’ve also seen your second recommendation and I’m loving it. The first thing I’ve found within is an active community interacting in a live chat. They have plenty of trainnig material too and are fully free to try.

    Thanks for putting together such great recommendations!

    • I’m so glad you decided to join Rakuten! It’s totally free which is why I like it so much! You are definitely going to be getting a lot of rewards when you buy your new laptop from there! What a great idea!

      And yes, my #1 recommendation is more for anyone who is seriously interested in making a lot more money online. It takes a little bit of time to build up but thousands of everyday people are joining our community every day and I’m so happy to be a part of this program now too! 

      All the best to your online success as well!


  2. Thank you Miranda for a great post.  I had not really looked into Rakuten much, but your article has reignited my curiousity.  It certainly seems to be a good way to earn rewards while you shop online.

    I did hear that the Rakuten program offers a ‘cashback’ Visa card on which you can earn further rewards.  It is also comes with all the standard consumer protections of a credit card which is great.  Do you have any more information you could share with us on this topic?

    • You’re welcome and thank you so much for reading my post.

      I mostly use Rakuten every time I order anything on Amazon as that’s my usual “go-to” online shopping retailer. 

      I didn’t know about the visa card but that’s great for anyone looking to get one, especially for the standard consumer protection. 

      Yes, there is a couple of things I can add about Rakuten. 

      Rakuten offers a help center inside its app for any questions regarding cashback, password problems, troubleshooting, etc. 


      There is Rakuten.com (USA) and Rakuten.ca(Canadian)

      Rakuten encourages people to join in the same country you reside in to bring you the best cashback shopping experience. For example, If you are a Canadian resident and order from Rakuten.com (USA) you should verify that the store you place an order from ships to Canada before you buy it. Also, Rakuten checks from the US are paid out in US dollars and PayPal payments are converted to Canadian dollars. There is more detail in their app:)

      Thanks again for letting us know about Rakuten Visa as well!

      Cheers to saving some $$!


  3. Hello Miranda, I know Rakuten and I know Ebates but I never knew Ebates is the former name of Rakuten 🤦🏽‍♂️; good to know. It actually makes sense to receive a share of the commissions Rakuten makes from what we buy on online shops via Rakuten. This is a nice way to save money some little money buying stuffs online. I’ll register with them now.

    • Hi and thank you for registering with Rakuten!

      You will definitely enjoy making some money while shopping online as usual. I also have their app on my cell phone for easy access to shop on Amazon, Old Navy, etc. when I need to buy something. It’s great to be rewarded for spending money on things we already need to buy anyway. 

      Thanks for your reply and enjoy Rakuten:)


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