Why Do People Hate Their Job

Why Do People Hate Their Job? – Especially The Boss!

Why do so many people hate their job? Do you hate your job? According to the Gallup poll, 85% of people worldwide are not fully engaged in their job.

The number one reason, is THE BOSS! That’s a whole lot of very unhappy people going into work everyday! I want to share with you, FIVE reasons I believe so many people really hate their jobs.  If you currently hate your job, I have a great solution you may want to consider!


I don’t know about you, but this #1 reason is of NO SURPRISE to me! Statistics say a whopping 75% of people who voluntarily left their job is because of a bad boss or bad supervisor.

I believe it has a lot to do with the lack of respect workers are given by their boss.  If you treat them like children rather than adults they are, most likely there are going to be a bunch of unhappy people working for you.  Plus, they will probably not care to do a good job either!

My first “bad boss” experience started when I was a teenager. I got a seasonal job during Christmas at Toys R Us. Thought that would be a fun place to work at.  WRONG!. I felt so mistreated by the Management, I hated it! 

For example, after the store closed every night we would be assigned an aisle to clean up all the toys off the floor.  Supervisors would access our work and if it wasn’t perfect, they would throw all the items back onto the floor and call our name over the intercom to go back and fix it. 

I must say this was so embarrassing!!!! Not sure if this is a surprise to you.  I couldn’t step back into that place for years!!!

Unfortunately, many bosses lack “good people skills”.  Especially towards their employees.  Which makes me wonder how they qualify for such a position. I’m not so sure Company’s recognize the importance of how Supervisors are supposed to be treating their employees?

Of course, Company’s expect good work ethics and good attendance. But, maybe they really should evaluate how their workers are being treated by management first before they place blame?  It’s not always the worker that’s the problem.  No wonder so many quit because of their boss!


According to a survey done by careerbuilder.com, nearly 78% of workers are living paycheck to paycheck in the United States.  WOMEN more likely maybe men. Over 50% of minimum wage workers say they have to work 2 jobs just to survive.

Over 70% of workers are in debt.  Unfortunately, debt is still growing and people are struggling to make ends meet.

This sad situation people are going through will continue because of the rise in our taxes, utilities, groceries, gas, mortgages, tuition costs, etc.  It’s like it never ends!

USA Today confirmed that Americans are paying an average of 19.1% more on grocery items than they did 10 years ago. Our expenses keep increasing, but our wages stay the same. Unfortunately, many people have to depend on food banks just to eat. Food banks may provide non-perishable food, but sadly cannot provide fruits and vegetables we all require to be healthy.

It’s not just in the USA, people all over the world are struggling to make ends meet.


Ever work next to an annoying co-worker who talks and talks and talks for a full 8 hours straight and you can’t get away?

Or work next to a negative Nancy? The negative person who just drags you down all day complaining and complaining and complaining. They just don’t have the sense of respect to give you some space.

Or, maybe the co-worker that constantly talks to you with food in their mouth? What? Do people still do this? Yes, they do! I had this happen to me!!! I was offered a pepperoni stick while my co-worker was chewing with her mouth wide open. I mean wide open!

Sometimes we are STUCK working with the worst people. Often times, we just can’t do anything about it! This can make for one, possibly more very long dreadful workdays. When we have zero control of who you have to work with, what can we possibly do?

Often times it’s not about the job that makes us happy, it’s about the people we work with. Working with great people can make our working experience a whole lot better. Co-Workers usually become our second family because we spend so much time with them! If you can’t stand them, how can you go to work there every day?


Working 40 hours is more than enough in my opinion. We need to have a real-life outside of work. Be with our family, friends, etc. and just have fun!

Some workers are required by their employer to work 50+ hours per week. This could definitely take a toll on anyone that has to invest that much time to work. Not only would it be straining on their bodies but hard on their families as well.

Being away from your family and your kids for too long can get quite depressing and sometimes distant the relationship between you and them. This is not a healthy situation.

Another reason is that workers are often not valued as a person, but more like machines. They are expected to work like robots and do a perfect job every time. If they don’t do a good enough job they get yelled at, written up or possibly suspended.

Workers aren’t always provided with the right tools, equipment, information, or safety procedures to do their jobs correctly.  And, if they do ask for the proper tools or equipment, they are often ignored.

Managers believe they know exactly how to properly run the place, therefore disregarding any advice given from an employee. Often workers have to really get hurt first before their jobs are re-assessed and improved.


Many workers who start a new career hope for advancement in their workplace. Whether it’s for an easier job, a higher wage, more opportunity to be challenged, etc. If the worker has seniority and experience to qualify for advancement, they should get to. As long as they’re dependable, reliable and are qualified. Why not?

But, in reality, this isn’t always the case. There are many cases in which workers are qualified for higher positions but don’t get them. It’s could be due to the fact that their boss wanted to give the position to a friend or family member instead.

Or, maybe the boss had something against you that you don’t know about but you had always had that hunch that they really never liked you.

What ever the case may be, some people just get fed up and leave. If there’s a better opportunity for advancement somewhere else, I say GO FOR IT! BE HAPPY!

My Opinion!!

Chances are you read this whole article because you definitely relate.  I know, people just can’t walk away from their current job.  We all depend on a steady income to survive!

But, If you are not happy working for your current employer and it’s not a dependable job you can count on for years to come, there are solutions you can consider. 

There are ways in which we really can achieve a better lifestyle of living if we so desperately desire to.

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Their secrets to success!


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Do you hate your boss or can you relate to any of these situations?

Please share your story with us in the comments below!  

4 thoughts on “Why Do People Hate Their Job? – Especially The Boss!”

  1. Hi Miranda,

    I really enjoyed this post on why so many people hate their job!

    It’s a global phenomenon for sure. Your research is current and so relevant to the issues today so I appreciate all that you’ve shared.

    I love the idea of being my own boss and taking control of my future. As an affiliate marketer myself with Wealthy Affiliate (part-time for now) since 2018, I can attest to the fabulous support I receive from them and all the terrific training and sharing of best practices within the network. It’s always encouraging to hear about successes of others there as I’m building for my own future as well.

    All the best to you,

    • Hi John,

      I appreciate you taking the time to read my article!

      Yes, I agree! Learning how we can be “our own boss” for a more secure financial future is the best way to go! I also work part-time as an Affiliate for now and hope to become a full-time Affiliate in the near future:) I think it’s wonderful that we can start off our business in baby steps and then grow as we learn from the best Affiliates!

      I’m happy to hear that you’re journey as an Affiliate Marketer is going very well too! Thanks again for stopping by John!

      All the best to your online success!



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